Harvesting machine for white asparagus

The AspergeSpin A1+ is an electrically driven harvesting machine for white asparagus. The machine lifts black/white cover foil and thermal foil so that asparagus can be harvested. The machine then places the black/white cover foil back on the asparagus bed and the thermal foil over the M-arches. The harvested asparagus is collected and taken on the machine.

Unique operating concept

The AspergeSpin A1+ has a unique operating concept, which makes the machine particularly easy to maneuver. The machine is equipped with an articulated steering with which the rear of the machine can be swiveled. Especially on asparagus fields with uneven headlands, the AspergeSpin A1+ moves smoothly from row to row.

Turning circle

The articulated steering of the AspergeSpin A1+ reduces the turning circle of the machine, meaning less headland is needed to maneuver from one row to the next.

Labor saving

With the AspergeSpin A1+, all heavy operations during the asparagus harvest are automated. The harvester can now fully concentrate on harvesting asparagus and is not slowed down by peripheral activities such as putting the cover film aside and replacing it again. This results in a labor saving of no less than 50%.

Reduce cost

With the AspergeSpin A1+, the cutting performance of harvesters is increased. More volume of asparagus are harvested per hour. The labor costs per hour are simply spread over more volume of asparagus, which reduces the cost price of asparagus.

Clear organization

With the AspergeSpin A1+ it is easy to divide the asparagus field into blocks. Each harvester is then responsible for his own block of rows. The harvest frequency can be determined by the number of rows a harvester has to harvest each day. In this way the organization remains clear and the staffing of the entire asparagus field can be better controlled and monitored.

Increase productivity

Due to the elimination of heavy work, harvesting with the AspergeSpin A1+ is lighter. This allows a harvester to cut more asparagus per hour. Because the work is lighter, more productive hours can be achieved in a working day. This results in a productivity increase of no less than 100%.

Technical specifications

Motor power

2 x 400Watt S1

Motor control

140A DC




control panel with potentiometer, reverse / neutral / forward switch, emergency stop, LED battery indication, switch cord for switching the drive on and off, DRS - Drive Selector Switch


standard: 115Ah AGM Deep Cycle

optional: 50Ah lithium-ion, 85Ah lithium-ion

Battery charger

HF 24V/15A


beide voorwielen

Drive type

DRS - Drive Selector Switch


3,0 km/h


5,0 – 7,0 km

Crate capacity

(60x40cm) 6

Wheels and tyres

standard: drive wheels 6.00x12

optional: low pressure drive wheels 25x8.00-12

rear wheels 5.00x8

guide wheels 4.00x8

Empty weight



welded steel construction


blasted and powder coated


length 3885 - 4385 mm

width 1830 mm

height 1190 - 1290 mm

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