M-Arches Aligning Machine

The M-Arches Aligning Machine is an electrically powered machine for straightening used M-Arches. The machine pulls and pushes each leg of an M-Arc along a set of rollers. The result is an M-Arc that is again suitable for placing back into the ground with the M-Arches placing machine.

The compact design of the M-Arches Aligning Machine makes it easy to bring the machine to the field. When clearing asparagus fields, M-Arches can be efficiently aligned there so that they can be packed and stored again.

Technical specifications

Motor power

700Watt S1

Motor controls

90A DC




control panel with potentiometer, emergency stop, LED battery indication


not included

Battery charger

not included

Empty weight

250 - 300kg


welded steel construction


blasted and powder coated


length 3885 - 4385 mm

width 1830 mm

height 1190 - 1290 mm

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