Achieve the highest possible return on your Asparagus Spider

The AspergeSpin A1 is an electrically powered harvesting machine for white asparagus

The AspergeSpin lifts the black/white cover and thermic foils to enable asparagus harvesting. The machine will then position the black/white cover foil back onto the asparagus bed and the thermic foil over the 'M' arches.

The light construction of the AspergeSpin A1 causes minimal ground pressure between the asparagus beds. The soil structure remains intact, allowing rainwater and air to better penetrate to the roots of the asparagus plants.

How does asparagus foil management work?

The AspergeSpin A1 lifts the foils only a few metres. This guarantees the soil humidity in the asparagus bed. In addition, asparagus beds are minimally exposed to sunlight, which limits the discolouration of asparagus still to be harvested.

The employee can concentrate fully on the harvesting of asparagus while the AsparagusSpider A1 does the heavy work.


Foil management

Foil management is an excellent instrument to increase your asparagus harvest. "During harvesting, the AsparagusSpider A1 can turn the black cover foil, so that the white side lies on top. This changes the foil configuration, to limit the influence of solar radiation on the temperature of the asparagus bed." The temperature in asparagus beds can be managed with six different foil configurations.



The rigid drive line propels both front wheels with chains, each on one side of the asparagus bed so that the AspergeSpin A1 always drives itself through the field in a straight line. The AspergeSpin is easy to manoeuvre outside of the rows, thanks to the proven EASY-DRIVE propulsion.


Battery pack

Special battery packs provide the daily energy supply. These DEEP-CYCLE resistant battery packs are suitable for daily deep discharging and can be fully charged again with the supplied high-frequency trickle charger.

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