Lage druk banden

Lage druk banden geven de Kistentransporter tractie op zachte en drassige ondergronden en reduceren spoorvorming.

Spoorbreedte 1800mm

Automatische sensorbesturing


Crate transporter 

Achieve the highest return from your harvest

The Crate Transporter is an electrically powered machine for various crops such as strawberry, courgette and asparagus. A small group of employees carry out harvesting work and walk behind the machine. The Crate Transporter drives ahead of the workers and always keeps harvesting crates within reach.


The Crate Transporter is easy to operate. Its working speed is freely adjustable. The machine is set in motion with a switch cord. The Crate Transporter can be manually operated outside the rows with two tumbler switches.

Automatic steering 

Optionally, the Crate Transporter can automatically follow an asparagus row. The Crate Transporter uses special sensor technology to detect the crop and steer the machine if necessary.


Two electric motors propel both front wheels with chains, making it easy for the Crate Transporter to negotiate heavy ground and slopes. The special bearing seals ensure that the bearings of the drive wheels and the rear wheels remain free of dirt and moisture.

Battery pack 

Special battery packs provide the daily energy supply. These DEEP-CYCLE resistant battery packs are suitable for daily deep discharging and can be fully charged again with the supplied high-frequency trickle charger.